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About US

Aquarist Café    was established in 2014 with the vision to provide a hassle-free aquatic hobby experience by delivering quality service, products and technology. From 2019 We stablish online platform called Fishmancart. We are the international quality aquarium products importer, wholesaler and the major service provider in Bangladesh with Some very active and Strong partner . We have footprints in Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia and the UK.

Our Services Products: All types of aquarium building materials and starter kits, fish feed and treats, caring tools, filtration and media, lighting, essential medicines and water conditioners, live fishes, plants and other aquatic animals and decorations, heating and cooling solutions for aquariums and many more… Services.

Experience Largest Pet & Accessories Shopping in Bangladesh

Fishman Cart Is a Largest Pet & Accessories online Shop in Bangladesh. It is one stop place for buying all your aquarium related accessories. It was established with the vision of helping hobbyists to buy all their hobby related products in cheap price along with best quality. Our main goal is to develop fishkeeping hobby and make it easier for everyone.